Is Tax Planning Good For Me?

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Tax planning is the process of analyzing your financial and tax situation to produce a plan that ensures tax efficiency. By this, we mean proper management of financial resources and paperwork for lower tax payments and obtaining better returns. If you are interested in this form of tax efficiency, tax planning is a vital step. To get started with planning your taxes, reach out to us at IBM Tax Services. We specialize in tax services for all kinds of clients, and the main ingredient in all our services is tax planning. We analyze your financial situation to ensure that all the elements involved work together to allow you to pay the lowest taxes possible.

How do our services work?

Many tax credits or benefits are limited by the level of taxpayers’ income. The purpose of our tax planning is to legally reduce our clients’ tax liability and enable them or their business to take full advantage of the tax codes that give them the right to benefit from the tax breaks available to them. That way, our clients can pay less in taxes or get a decent refund. By doing this, we are helping many taxpayers get back on their feet and business people grow their companies.

Through tax planning, we aim to help taxpayers or businesses to:

1. Keep more of their money in their pockets

2. Save extra money to improve their lives and grow in their respective industries

3. Obtain a report for guideline in the future to maximize their tax credits, deductions, and refunds

There are absolutely no issues whatsoever when clients first use our tax planning service. On the contrary, all our clients are amazed with the results and a hundred percent of them stay with us, because we work harder to materialize their financial goals.

Additionally, after trying our services for the first time, most clients want to know if we can review and amend their past tax returns. Of course, we most likely end up amending three years of their past tax returns and save them even more money when we begin this process.

The beauty of our tax planning service is that it is free, meaning the client pays zero dollars out of their pocket, and they get more value from our regular tax preparation fee!

To avail of our services, potential clients can contact us via email with a brief of their personal or business tax situation. Following this, there will be a fifteen-minute thorough interview about their tax situation. Clients can drop off their tax documents and request the tax planning service after the consultation. We will then prepare their tax plan and begin filing their taxes. Once their taxes are filed, we will compare the results we received with their previous tax returns. Accordingly, they can determine what’s the next step for them.

After we prepare their tax returns, we run multiple scenarios based on the data available to us combined with our extensive knowledge in tax codes to obtain the best outcome suitable for the client’s financial situation. This is, of course, a legal outcome that would allow them to pay less taxes or get a decent refund.

To learn more about tax planning, reach out to the experts at IBM Tax Services. We are a tax preparation firm for individuals and small businesses in Springfield, VA. We have an IRS Enrolled Agent (EA) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to meet all tax requirements and manage your finances. Our experts are focused on your financial circumstances and goals to deliver results that benefit you. We also make ourselves readily available to answer questions and provide accurate financial statements when necessary. If you are not happy with our services, then we offer maximum refund guarantees too. So, you never feel trapped or like you lack control.

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